Monday, September 1, 2008

RIP Denise

Denise Saylor-Collins died suddenly this past Friday.

She will be greatly missed by her Panera friends. Her sense of humor, and her sense of "right-and-wrong" were keen. She was fun to be with ... and I can't imagine her not being with us again. My heart goes out to her family ...

She was way too young ... and way too nice ... and will be missed so much.

To keep you up to date:

I am now working on some sweaters for my Illinois grandchildren. They are almost 3 year old twin boys and a big brother who will be 6 the beginning of 2009. I am making them matching sweaters. I will post a photograph as soon as I have a bit more finished.

I am also working on a variation of Judy Pascale's Shapely Shawlette from "mystery yarn". I discovered this yarn in my attic, think I might have bought it on e-bay once, and also think it might be either cotton or mostly cotton. I love the way it looks -- off white with specks of color. I am also working on a magnificent triangular shawl (Marco Polo Self-Fringing Triangular Scarf) from Berroco Hip-Hop. The colors are beautiful -- with greens, purples - browns, etc. the yarn is high/low and is really interesting. There is a really bad photo of this yarn above. The Shawlette and the Scarf are "mindless" knitting projects -- since I don't have to look at directions, and so they are easy to do in low-lighting (like Panera's) or in a moving car. The sweaters are much more difficult, and until I finish the fronts (I am doing the twins' fronts at the same time to get them finished. I'll do Paulie's front after I finish their sweaters totally). I need quiet for them ... counting stitches, changing colors, etc.

I also bought other yarn when the Yarn Outless in Oceanside went out of business. One is an alpaca in greens, which I've used before in a blue/black (very denim looking)color to make a Clapotis shawl ... which I enjoyed knitting tremendously. It is Atacama, hand dyed 100% Alpaca. I bought enough to make another "Clap" ... but can't start that until SOMETHING -- ANYTHING is finished.

I also bought a cashmere/silk/merino wool combination, in a fingering weight, I think (no yarn wrapper) ... which is soft and really yummy. I have 4 skeins of each of two colors and am working on finding something to make with these. One is a really pretty soft pink and the other is a greenish-greyish-beige. They look marvelous together. Suggestions?

I will try to attach photos of any or all of these things really soon -- but did want to post since it's been a while.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

DIL's Bracelet (Daughter-In-Law)

I decided not to mail Alison's sweater until I finished her bracelet. It is called a "crystal bangle" and I did it in black and light grey seed beads, and in Gunmetal Matte fire polish beads. I love it. I might make another -- for me.

I just looked at the photo -- and it looks quite blue ... which it isn't. It is definitely black and grey.

Now I'd like to finish my "Shapely Shawlette" (pattern by Judy Pascale) which I am making from some "found" yarn, and a couple of lace shawls I am making. I have to finish some of this stuff before I start on anything new.

I "won" 3 skeins of a bulky yarn at the LIK&CG Donation Dinner, and will be making a simple scarf from it. I haven't decided on a pattern as yet ... but know it will be going to my daughter in Illinois. It's black and shades of orange. I'll give details with photos if and when I start on this. After all, it's August. I do have a little time before this is needed. Even in Illinois!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hi. Here is Alison's top, and a friend's hat.

Sorry I haven't posted here in a while ... but today I have finally photographed two things: A chemo hat I made for a friend (used Lion Brand ConnonEase) and a sweater I photographed before it was blocked. Yup ... finally had it blocked, and I love the way it looks. Now I have to move my a** and finally mail it -- since I won't be getting there (Florida) until Thanksgiving.

I have been working on a filet lace shawl (triangular) I am planning on gifting to my daughter, but haven't told her about it yet. I am using bedspread cotton I found in the attic ... probably older than she. I love the design -- which is a small all-over pattern of flowers. It's totally different, which might be why I am so fond of it. Although I didn't design this pattern, I did rewrite it since the graph was almost totally illegible. Hopefully I will finish this, since it was a total horror figuring the pattern. I am going to take 60% creative license on this one! I'll post a photo of it as soon as I get a chance.

I am also currently working on the Shapely Shawlette, designed by Judy Pascale, using a cotton tweed yarn -- also found in the attic. How did I accumulate all this stuff ... and why don't I remember where or when? Perhaps the elves JeanMarie is always accusing of doing my work for me have been hiding these yarns up there to surprise me?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spot's New Coat

Well -- big problems. My bamboo coat started unraveling. I think perhaps it had to do with running in the fields with Siobahan, but I can't be certain. However, after Alice calmed down, she did make a new ooat for me, and I'm afraid if I ruin this one, my romping days will be over. She made this one of 100% silk.

It's so nice ... Siobahan hasn't seen it yet ... but I'm sure she'll be impressed. I know I was.

I've been thinking though ... what about having my ear pierced? Any thoughts on the matter?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Butterflies are Flying!

Well, finally! The Butterfly Shawl is finished -- and blocked.
I love it! I am looking forward to being able to wear it ... but am not wishing the summer away.
The beads have not been crocheted on the edges as yet -- and am thinking perhaps it would be best to do that once the cooler weather is upon us.

And yes -- that's me. And it's about the only type of photo you'll be seeing of me on this (or any other) blog -- if I have any say!

Have a FANTASTIC remainder of the FOURTH weekend!

OH ... I am going to photograph Daughter-in-Law's sweater again -- after it is blocked. Honestly -- previously I never blocked anything.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Big Apple Knitting Guild Retreat Weekend

This past weekend, May 30-June 1, there was the BAKG Retreat Weekend at the St. Ignatius Retreat House on Searington Road. This Knitting Retreat consisted of three days -- Friday and Sunday 3 hours and Saturday 6 hours, and there were a variety of classes being taught. I took a 12 hour class given by Judy Pascale in composition of a sweater, and she taught so many things, it's difficult to state them all. What especially stands out in my mind are the seam closures she taught us. We learned to sew seams composed of stockinette stitch, reverse stockinette, moss, seed, garter -- you name it, we learned to do it -- invisibly. And Judy ... she has endless energy and a generous nature. And seemed to have more patience than anyone I've come in contact with in so long. The class was fantastic. I can't wait to learn what they will have next year at their Knitting Retreat, or where it will be held.

Above are photographs of the house of the Retreat House. It is simply awe-inspiring. The grounds are fantastic and there is a calm, cool feeling about the building.

Check out Judy's website. and you will not be disappointed. I am still trying to get all the information she taught into some sort of order -- and think I'll have to discuss this with the other 4 women from the Long Island Guild who joined me in this class so we can compare notes. Hopefully what I can't remember, they can, and vice versa.

Tonight was the Pot Luck Dinner at the Long Island Guild. I was totally surprised -- this was the first one I was at -- since last year I was in Florida. Well ... everything was simply delicious. And there were no duplicates either. YUM ... something else to look forward to.